MD’s Message

“At Scorpion Group, we believe that our business is people-centric. The organization can grow only if we empower our employees and give them space to develop into effective leaders.

We believe in having best-in-class processes. We also believe that the other thing that can make our dreams a reality is Information Technology – the great enabler. Our investments in Information Technology has allowed us to develop systems and processes that enable our clients to have cost effective products and services along with state of the art quality and service.

Goods & Services Tax (GST), for sure, remains one of the bold-play initiatives taken by the reigning government so far. After years of being entangled in political knots debating a transparent and efficient unified tax system, India is on its way to become a clutter-free tax highway. Both Logistics as well as Manufacturing companies will be able to take better advantage of the economies of scale due to implementation of GST.

I expect every member of Scorpion Family to capitalize on this opportunity and convert these opportunities into Business Growth and increased cost efficiency.